How to create a Private Listing™

Learn how to create a new Private Listing™ and publish it to Biproxi

You can create a Private Listing™ at any time at Biproxi by navigating to the "My Listings" tab on the left side navigation under broker tools. Once you have navigated to the "My Listings" dashboard, click the "Create Listing" button on the top right-hand side of the screen. This will bring you to the Create Listing process which contains several steps that we will outline in this article:

Creating a Private Listing™

To create a Private Listing™, select "yes" for the "is this listing private" option.


Once you have selected "yes", the event will be private once created. Continue creating your listing by completing the: basic information, property details, price & guidance, highlights, description, due diligence, data insights, license, deal profile, and contacts sections.

Basic Information

Basic Information contains several key pieces of info that are required to post a listing to Biproxi.


Begin typing the address of the property you are selling, and we'll attempt to autocomplete it. If the address does not exist in our database, you will need to click the "Enter address manually" button right below the address field.

If you enter an address manually, please use the Precise Location field to mark the exact Longitude and Latitude on a map. This allows the property to be shown exactly where it is located on the listing's map. If you do not include a precise location, your listing will not be displayed on the listing"s map and will be very difficult to find.

Property Name

You can also give your listing a name such as "The Armory Hotel" to more accurately describe the property. This name will be displayed on the listing's page and in the search results.

Listing Expiration Date

Add the expiration date to the listing to automatically remove it from the search after the specified date occurs. We will also send you a reminder 30 days in advance of the expiration date.


Photos can be added by either dragging them onto the screen directly into the Photo Upload box or by clicking the upload button to search for files on your computer. Once photos are uploaded, they can be re-arranged by dragging them in whatever order you would like. The first photo will always act as your default image and will be marked with a box around it.

Beautiful photos are vital for any listing on Biproxi to get noticed by buyers. We recommend having at least 5 professional photos on your listings. Page views increase by 50% with more than 4 photos.


Video tours are another helpful way for buyers to get a better feel for your property. Copy/paste a video streaming link from YouTube or Vimeo or upload the video from your computer. A preview of the video will display under the link field, and the video will be accessible from your listing page.

Property Details

Property details are data points that give a brief overview of some of the most important information about your listing.

To start entering property details, you must first select an Asset Class and a property Subtype that accurately categorizes your listing.

If you cannot find your Asset Class or Subtype, please reach out to us via support chat (accessible at any time at the bottom of the left-hand corner of the screen) to let us know what we are missing.

After you've entered the Asset Class and Subtype, a number of fields will be populated that are specific to your property type. Please fill out all the fields to the best of your knowledge. The more complete your listing data is, the better it will show up in search.


Price & Guidance

Price & Guidance is the section where you as the broker outline your offer guidance to interested buyers. The fields are:

  • Priced: Select Yes or No if you would like pricing displayed on the listing.
  • Asking Price: If you selected Yes for priced, enter the asking price.
  • Deposit amount: Enter the desired deposit amount, if any.
  • Buyer Broker commission: Select whether or not there is a buyer broker commission
  • Due Diligence: Enter the desired number of days requested for Due Diligence
  • Closing Period: Enter the desired number of days requested for Closing

In this section, you can also choose to activate a Call for Offers date by clicking the toggle button next to the Call for Offers heading.

Once enabled, you can add a specific date when you would like to receive offers. This date will be displayed on the listing page, actively encouraging buyers to submit offers before the countdown clock expires.

Buyers will still be able to make offers on the property after the Call for Offers date has expired



Highlights is a section where you can add very specific bullet points about the property that you want to be displayed prominently on the listing page.

To add a highlight, type it into the box that's labeled "Add a highlight" and then click the Plus icon. The Highlight will be inserted below. You can continue to add as many highlights as you would like by typing more highlights into the box and clicking the Plus button.

Once you've added your highlights, you can drag them around in any order you would like them to be displayed.

You can also delete or edit highlights by clicking the Ellipsis (...) icon on the right side of the highlight box and clicking the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons from the dropdown menu.

4 succinct highlights will generally provide the viewer with the important information the need to understand the property.



A description is an optional long-form text that can be added to any listing.  Simply type or copy/paste in any text you would like to add to your listing description.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a locked vault of files that buyers can access once they have filled out a Confidentiality Agreement. You can keep any number of files inside this vault and you'll be notified whenever new users gain access to it.

The vault contains various folders which are used to organize the property information to make it easier for the buyer to find what they are looking for. These folders are:

  • Offering Memorandum (you can only put one file in this folder)
  • Property Information
  • Rent Roll & Financials (These can be locked in a Level 2 vault requiring your additional approval)
  • Third-Party Reports (Environmental, Title, Property Condition Report)
  • Legal
  • Other

If you would like to request another folder or the Due Diligence document vault doesn't cover the categories you would like, please reach out to us via chat by clicking the chat button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Seller provided Third Party Reports can significantly speed up the transaction process by up to 50%


Data Insights

You can optionally include data insights on any property from our third-party property data aggregator.

To add data insights, first make sure that an address has been entered in the Basic Information section. We'll search for data on the entered address, and pull up any tax records associated with that property. Select the specific tax listing that you would like to display data for from the dropdown menu. Once the tax listing has been selected, we'll dynamically pipe in data and display it on the listing page.

You can also choose to disable the data insights if you feel they are inaccurate or unhelpful by clicking the green "Enabled" button in the top right corner of the Data Insights section and switching it to "Disabled".



The License section is where you specify whose Real Estate License the listing should be listed under. We require that each listing on Biproxi has a Real Estate License associated with it, unless you are the sole owner of the property.

If you are the sole owner of the property, you can click on "I am the sole owner of this property", and a license will not be required.

Otherwise, If you haven't created a license yet, click the "Add License" button, and fill out the short license form to add your license number, and the holder of the license. Once the license has been created, it will be automatically selected from the dropdown menu as the license used on the listing.

If you already have licenses created, they will be available via the license dropdown menu. If you have multiple licenses created, you can select the one you would like to use for the listing via this menu.

Please make sure your listing is an Exclusive Listing. Biproxi does not support Open Listings.


Deal Profile

The Deal Profile card allows you to specify optional criteria we will use to match you with investors looking for properties like yours.

Specify an investor location and investment type that your target investor should be looking for. If you select 'Regional' for investor location, you will also be asked to select a region.

That's it! The card will display all information we will use to find your matches: your selections plus your property's asset class, and, if you are looking for local investors, the state your property is located in.

Once your listing is published, you will receive an in-app notification and an email summarizing your investor matches, then you are ready to start making deals! 



At least one contact is required for your listing. We auto-populate your information as a default contact, but you can add as many as you like.

To add a contact, click "Add another contact". You will be able to provide a name, email, phone number, company and title, license number and license state, and optional photo for each added contact, though only a name, email, and phone number are required.

Once you have added additional contacts, you can edit or delete them at any time. Click the pen icon in the upper right corner of the contact card to edit or the X to delete. You can also hide your contact card as long as at least one other contact is present. To do so, simply click "Hide default contact."


Publishing and Scheduling

When you've filled out all the necessary data on your listing, you're ready to publish or schedule your listing!

Click the "Publish" button in the top right corner of your screen and a popup will instantly appear with a few options:

  • Set it live now
  • Schedule it for later

If you would like to immediately publish your listing to all of Biproxi, select the "Set it live now" button and click the "Publish Listing" button.

If you'd rather schedule it to be published at a specific date and time, click the "Schedule it for later" button, and select your desired date & time.

The time zone for publishing will always be the same time zone that the property is located.

Alternatively, you can just click the "Save draft" button next to the publishing button, and return to the listing later to complete it.


For Lease Properties

Biproxi only supports For Sale listings at this time. Our marketing team is actively working to drive new investors to investment properties listed on the Biproxi Marketplace. Please visit to list your For Lease offerings to access tenant leads looking for space.