How does Investor Matching work?

Learn how Biproxi matches investors with relevant properties.

Biproxi uses individual criteria within your investor profile to match you with commercial properties that meet your interests. To make sure you never miss a potential investment, ensure your investor profile is up to date.

Setting Investor Preferences

This section will only appear if you have identified yourself as an Investor or a Broker/Investor.

The investor section contains multiple choice questions that help brokers identify what kind of investor you are, and what kinds of deals you are interested investing in, and monitor how that might change over time. This gives them a very useful heads up way to understand your investment style, so they can continue to serve you in the best way now and in the future.

Investor preferences can be set during account creation and adjusted at any time by selecting "My Profile". To edit your investor preferences, scroll past the "Basic Information" section to the "Investor Preferences" section. Make any necessary changes or updates to your preferences and click the "Save" button located at the top of the page above your profile score.

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