How to share your listing with an email blast

Learn how to connect your email and send listings to your contacts via personalized email.

Step 1 - Navigate to My Listings

Select the listing you'd like to share and select the Share icon in the upper right hand corner.


Step 2 - Select the Email Icon on the left to share via email


Step 3 - Connect your inbox

We use Nylas to integrate your email inbox with Biproxi. This allows you to send emails through Biproxi that appear to come from you directly.

Learn more about our Nylas integration here.

Step 4 - Upload your CSV of contacts

Upload your list of contacts via CSV. 
Pro Tip: These should be people that you have a relationship with. This is NOT a mass email tool. This is to automate your 1:1 outreach to your best prospects. Your email limit per day will be determined by your email provider (Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)

Step 5 - Map your contact fields

Map the appropriate field that contains the email addresses.

Step 6 - Enter your custom message

Enter a subject line and custom message to your contacts.

Pro Tip: This email appears to be coming from your personal work email. Treat this message as if you are speaking one-to-one with your prospect.

Step 7 - Hit Send Email

Hit send and you're done. All responses to this email will go directly to your inbox.