How to use Data Explorer

Learn how to use the Data Explorer tool in the Biproxi app.

Data Explorer provides interactive off-market data, owner unmasking, tax record data, parcel boundaries, sale history, demographic information and more. Best of all Data Explorer is free. To access Data Explorer, hover on the left menu and select "Data Explorer".

Search and filter properties

To search properties, use the "search data explorer" bar at the top of the Data Explorer page. Enter a specific address or location, or use the interactive map to explore properties.

To filter properties before or after searching, select the filter icon to the right of the search bar and select your filter criteria. Note: filters are dynamic and provide many options to filter by:  property type, lot size, building details, owner, transactions, mortgages, taxes, and census demographics.

filters expanded

View properties on the interactive map, or select from the dropdown of filtered properties.

Viewing property info

Once you have searched, filtered, and explored properties, click on a property to view the property info. Clicking a property will populate the available information on the right side of the screen. Here you can view: address, tax ID, APN, property type, property use, and similar properties. 

To view all of the available property info, select the "view more info" link or click the "Hide Map" button. This will open the property info view. The selected property will display on the left. Scroll to view all available property information. To view the map and condensed property details again, click the "Show Map" button.

View and compare similar properties

To view similar properties, first select a property. The property info section will appear on the right of the screen showing property information with similar properties shown below. Here you can view similar properties and filter by distance. Scroll to view similar properties or click the "show more similar properties" link to view more similar properties.

similar properties right

You can also view similar properties from the property information page. Here the selected property's information is displayed on the left, and similar properties appear to the right of this information. 

To compare two or more properties, select from the similar properties list and click the "compare properties" button at the bottom of the page. The properties will display side by side, showing all available property information.

compare props