How to participate in Private Events™

Learn how to use Private Events™ in the Biproxi app to place bids and win properties.

  • Accessing a Private Event™
  • Participating in Private Events™
  • Viewing information in the Private Event™
  • Contacting the broker of a Private Event™
  • View and place bids in a Private Event™
  • Viewing the results of a Private Event™

Accessing a Private Event™

To view Private Events™ select "Private Event™" in the left side menu. This will open the Private Event™ dashboard where you will see all pending and accepted Private Events™.


To access a Private Event™ in Biproxi, you must first be invited by the broker. When a broker invites you to their Private Event™ (PE), you will receive an email notification, and the PE will appear in your PE dashboard as "pending invitation". When selected from the PE dashboard, listing details will display along with the PSA and the option to accept or decline the invitation.

To accept or decline the invitation, click the PE and click "accept" or "decline". If accepted, you will be able to interact with the PE throughout the rest of its duration.

PE accept invite

Participating in Private Events™

Once you have accepted an invitation to a PE enter the event by selecting it from your PE dashboard. Upon entering the PE, you will see the listing information, images, auction details, and broker contact information.


Viewing information in the Private Event™

Use the tabs at to navigate to specific listing information or scroll to view different sections of listing information. Here you can view: listing details, due diligence documents, highlights, description, contacts, location, and data insights for the listing.

Unlock due diligence documents

To access listing documents, you must e-sign a confidentiality agreement. To unlock the documents, click the "unlock documents" button in the documents section. This will prompt a popup which will allow you to read and sign the confidentiality agreement. 

PE sign docs

Once you have signed the confidentiality agreement, the due diligence documents will be available under the documents section. Here you can view/download individual documents, or select the "download all documents" button to download all due diligence documents.

PE docs view download

Contacting the broker of a Private Event™

Broker contact information is available in the "Contacts" section. Here you will find the brokers email, phone number, and license number, as well as a link to view their other listings.

You may also message the broker directly in the Biproxi app. To send the broker a message, click the "message broker" button on the right hand side of the PE in the auction section. 

pe message broker

View and place bids in a Private Event™

The bid information is located to the right of the listing information. Here you will see the current highest bid, time remaining in the auction, the minimum bid increment, total number of bids, number of bidders, and contingencies.

pe place bid

To place a bid, enter in the amount you wish to bid, or use the minimum bid increment and click "Place bid". Your total bid will be displayed - you must click "continue" to complete placing your bid. Your bid will be placed and the auction will update.

pe winning

Viewing the results of a Private Event™

When a PE has ended, it will show as "finished" in your PE dashboard. If you have placed the highest bid, you are the winner of the PE and will see "you won this private event!" on the event dashboard.

Select the PE to view the results. You will see the event details and contingencies, as well as the option to message the broker.

pe conmplete-1

pe ended