How to view investor matches

Learn how to view and interact with investor matches in the Biproxi app.

You can view all of your investor matches at any time in the Biproxi app. To get started, navigate to your listings dashboard using the menu on the left.

Viewing investor matches

From the listings dashboard, select the listing you would like to see investor matches for. Once you have entered the listing, investor matches can be viewed in two ways.

  1. Select the "Investor Matches" tab in the primary listing navigation
    investor matches filled
  2. Scroll past the listing views map. Under the Activity section, select "Recent Investor Matches" as shown below.
    investor match activity-mask

Interacting with investor matches

You can interact with investor matches from the Investor Matches tab or directly from the Recent Investor Matches section. View investor profiles, contact information, offers, share files, and chat to turn matches into leads.

View matched investor details

To view the profile of a matched investor, click their name from the list on the "Investor Matches" tab. The popup will show the investors self-reported details such as: location, contact information, investor type, # of owned assets, target prices range, and more. Navigate using the menu to see offers, stats, files, notes, and to chat with an investor.

name popup crop

Chat with matched investors

Once matched with an investor, profile and contact information becomes immediately available. Select the "message me" link, or navigate to the "Chat" tab in the menu to start a conversation with a matched investor.


Once a matched investor replies to your message, they will automatically be moved from "Investor Matches" to "Leads" in your listing dashboard. When a match becomes a lead, the investor's phone number also becomes available.