Learn about lead tracking and management in Biproxi

Leads in Biproxi are users who have taken any of the following actions on your listing:

  • Messaged or chatted with you about the listing
  • Signed a CA to view Due Diligence Documents
  • Made an offer on the property

After they have taken any of these actions, they will be added to the leads table on your specific listing details page. To view these leads, navigate to "My listings" on the left-side navigation tab and click on the desired listing, then click the "Leads" button in the top navigation tab.

This will show you a list of all the leads on your listing. Click on any one of these leads to pull up a window with more stats and details on their activity. You can also begin chatting with any of your leads through this window.

Back on the leads list, you can choose to "Favorite" any of your leads that you would like to by clicking the Star icon to the left of their name. This will mark them as a favorite lead, and make it easier to prioritize them. 

You can also choose to make a lead inactive by clicking the dropdown that says "Active" on the right side of their details in the leads table. You can choose to mark them as "No longer interested", or if you feel that the user is being abusive, you can choose to block them from this menu as well by clicking the "Block" button. Blocking them will prevent them from messaging you or making an offer on your listing.