Listing Scores

Learn about listing scores and why they're important in the Biproxi ecosystem.

At Biproxi, we believe that the best deals and relationships come from a high quality marketplace for serious brokers and investors. One of the ways we keep the marketplace high quality is by encouraging highly detailed and complete listing information.

When you create a listing, you will see a listing score on the right side of the page that changes dynamically as you add more content to your listing. The idea is pretty simple here: the more content you add, the higher the score goes.

By completely filling out your listing, you can achieve a perfect score of 100/100. Listings with higher scores will be shown higher in the search list to prospective buyers, and they are more likely to gain traction and generate leads on Biproxi.

Listings with a score of 90/100 receive 50% more page views including uploading at least 4 or more high-quality photos.