Messaging Brokers

How to keep track of your messages and conversations in Biproxi

You can start messaging a broker any time through Biproxi by navigating to their listing page and clicking the "Contact Broker" button on the right side of the screen.

This begins a chat that can then be accessed via your Biproxi dashboard at any time. To view your full inbox, simply sign in to your Biproxi account and click the "Messages" tab on the left-side navigation tab. 

This will open a full inbox view of all of your current conversations. Click on any one of them to start chatting instantly with that specific contact. Chats are always contextualized around specific property listings to keep the conversations relevant and organized.

You can open as many chats at one time as you would like. When you click the minimize icon, the chat will be minimized into a circle on the bottom right corner of your screen that will contain the users' profile picture. Click this image at any time to re-open the chat window.

You can also click the X icon on the chat window to close it completely. You can reopen it at any time by navigating back to your inbox and clicking the specific message that you'd like to open.