Viewing your offers

Learn how to manage your offers received in Biproxi

When you have an active listing on Biproxi, offers can come in at any time. When an offer comes in, you will be notified via email and in-app notification about it. You can view your offers in one of two ways:

  • Directly on the listing details page
  • Through the "Offers Received" tab in your left-side navigation

Viewing offers directly on the Listing Details page

Click on the "My listings" button on your left-side navigation to see all the listings you have created in Biproxi. Navigate to the listing you'd like to see offers for, click it, and then click the "Offers" tab. This will show you a list of all the offers that have been submitted for that particular property.

Viewing offers through the "Offers Received" tab

Click the "Offers Received" tab in your left-side navigation tab to see a list of all the recent offers that have been made on all of your listings on Biproxi. They will be separated by which property they are related to.

We only show the most recent three offers made on each property through this view. If you would like to see all the offers, click the "Go to listing" button to go directly to the listing details view and see all offers for that specific property.

Managing Offers

When viewing offers in the list view, there are a few actions that can be taken directly from the list, such as:

  • Chat: this will launch a chat window directly with the buyer/user who made the offer. You can chat with this user in real time via the chat window.
  • View LOI (optional): If the user uploaded a custom LOI along with their offer, a "View LOI" button will appear, and if you click it, you can see the attached LOI directly on the page you are viewing. You can choose to download or print this LOI by clicking the Download or Print icons on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Reject Offer: Click this button to notify the buyer that their offer has been rejected. This will remove the offer from your offer list until the buyer decides to revise it (if they decide to do that).

To get more details on the offer and the user who made it, click the offer in the list to pull up a popup with further details. From here, you have a few tabs that give you information:

  • Details: Displays information about the user who made the offer, and stats on their activity on your listing.
  • Offers: Gives details on the history of offers made on this property by that specific user.
  • Notes: You can leave notes for yourself about this particular lead or deal here.
  • Files: Browse the due diligence or LOI files that have been uploaded to this listing
  • Chat: Launches a chat window with the user