Share A Listing Using Nylas

Your Nylas integration enables you to seamlessly share listings with a provided list of contacts in a secure, reliable way without having to leave our application. Establishing your Nylas connection is safe, secure, and takes about 20 seconds.

How to Connect

To connect your biproxi account to Nylas, simply click the ‘Integrate’ button in Settings within your biproxi account. If you are using most modern email providers, all you will have to do is enter your password! You will be redirected back to your Settings page, and we’ll let you know if there were any issues connecting.

Sharing Your Listing

Alternatively, you can connect when you’ve decided you would like to share one of your listings via email. If you have not yet connected to Nylas, you will be asked to do so.

Once you are integrated, sharing a listing is as easy as clicking "Share" on a listing card and then the Email icon. You will have the option to manually enter a list of addresses, or selecting a CSV file with your contacts ready to go.

Before sending your email, you will be able to preview it and add a custom subject and message!

Rate Limits

Different email providers allow a different amount of emails sent per day and have different limits on how many contacts your listing can be shared within a single email.

We keep track of your email provider’s rate limits so you don’t have to. Anytime you want to share a listing, you will be able to see your daily limit and per-email limit, based on your provider. These values are 80% of your provider’s limits so that you can rest easy knowing you will not disable your email sharing your listings!

Yahoo, ICloud, and AOL Users

If you are using Yahoo, ICloud, or AOL, you will need to provide an app password to enable your Nylas connection.

An app password is a randomly generated password for authentication and is easily accessible from your email provider’s dashboard.

Protonmail and Other Encrypted Providers

Please note that we cannot establish Nylas connections with encrypted email providers such as Protonmail at this time.

Disabling Integration

You can disable your Nylas integration at any time. To do so, simply visit the Settings page within your biproxi account and, under "Integrations", click "Disabled" next to Nylas.


We take your privacy seriously, which is why, when establishing your Nylas connection, we only require that Nylas be able to send emails on your behalf. Your drafts, the content of your emails, and your contacts remain private and secure.