Submit an offer

Learn how to submit an offer for a property you are interested in on Biproxi

Biproxi allows CRE buyers to submit non-binding offers. You can submit an offer on a property at any time by navigating to that specific property listing and clicking the "Make Offer" button.

This will display a popup where you can fill in your offer terms including:

  • Purchase Price
  • Deposit
  • Due Diligence Period
  • Closing Period
  • Financing Contingency
  • Exclusivity
  • Other terms (optional)

You also have the option of attaching your own LOI PDF to the offer if you have more complex terms that you would like to share with the broker.

As soon as your offer is submitted, the broker will be notified and directed to respond to the offer via the chat function, or simply by giving you a call to discuss terms further.

Offers on Biproxi are all considered to be non-binding and are used as a way of expressing interest in a property to move deal flow forward to a Letter of Intent and Purchase Agreement. Currently, all transactions take place outside of the platform but this feature is a great way to accelerate the conversation.