Viewing Due Diligence Documents

Learn how to gain access to Due Diligence Documents on properties that you are interested in.

When browsing any listing page, you will have the option of viewing and downloading Due Diligence Documents. To access these documents at any time, scroll down to the Due Diligence section of the page and click the "Unlock Documents" button, or click anywhere on the Due Diligence section itself.

This will prompt you to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to move forward. Simply type your name exactly as it is displayed in the input box to electronically sign the confidentiality agreement. Click the "Sign & view files" button, and the Due Diligence vault will now be unlocked.

You can either click directly on the folders or files that are displayed in the Due Diligence section to view them on your web browser, or you can click the "Download all documents" button to download a zip file directly to your computer.

Brokers will be notified of your signed Confidentiality Agreement when you access Due Diligence documents.

The Level 2 Diligence Vault is designated for sensitive documents like rent rolls that will require Seller approval to access.