What are user profiles?

User profiles are a useful Biproxi feature that help the community better understand your role and preferences in CRE.

User profiles are public bios that contain details about your CRE role. Your profile is displayed to users when they interact with you on Biproxi, such as when you become a lead on their listing or vice versa. You can edit your Profile at any time by clicking the "Profile" button in the left-hand navigation panel.

We recommend that all investors on Biproxi create a profile, as it gives brokers a quick and easy heads up opportunity to get to know you when you become a lead on their listing.

Basic Information

Basic information is just some simple biographical information to get the basics on who you are. We recommend all users fill out this section of their profile, especially adding a profile picture, full name, location, and workplace. This gives other users more confidence that you are an authentic member of the CRE community.

We also recommend filling out 1-3 paragraphs in the Bio section to give a brief history of your experience with CRE. 

Investor Preferences

This section will only appear if you have identified yourself as an Investor or a Broker/Investor.

The investor section contains multiple choice questions that help brokers identify what kind of investor you are, and what kinds of deals you are interested investing in, and monitor how that might change over time. This gives them a very useful heads up way to understand your investment style, so they can continue to serve you in the best way now and in the future.

Profile Score

Your profile score is a rating of the completeness of your profile. The more information you fill in, the higher the score goes. We recommend going for a full 100/100 score because A+ scores are for winners, and you're a winner.

More complete profiles mean that other users on the platform get a better full spectrum view of who you are and what your role in CRE is.