Why do I need a license number?

Anyone selling real estate as an agent must publish their license number on any marketing materials.

A licensee who has authorized advertising or marketing real property on a site on the Internet must include on the page of the site on which the licensee's advertisement or information appears the following data:

  • the licensee's name;
  • the city in which the property being advertised or marketed is located;
  • the name of the firm with which the licensee is affiliated as that firm name is registered with (name of real estate regulatory body, commission, board etc.) or the d/b/a (doing business as) name it has registered with the appropriate state/province agency, commonly recognized abbreviations are permitted; and
  • if the licensee does not hold a real estate broker or salesperson license for the jurisdiction in which the property is located, the regulatory jurisdiction(s) in which the licensee does hold a real estate broker or salesperson license.